Two-Thumbs Up For Beach Blanket Wow Towel

Although beach and bath towels have similar uses it differs in quality, design, and in size. However, beach blanket wow towel is ultimately the biggest size there is compared to all towels made and may carry several usage.

A beach blanket measures 86 x 86 inches and is made from 100% high-quality terry cotton. In addition, it has the four large corner pockets that may be used to keep any valuables, beach accessories, discs, diapers, tanning lotion, or any items useful under the sun.

This blanket towel may be used either indoors or outdoors. For indoors, it can be used to cover a queen sized bed. It may also protect the bed from dust when cleaning the room or as a bed cover itself. Families may bring it outside whenever they like to play game boards or game cards in the balcony. For outdoor activities, it is also very functional especially when going to a picnic at the park. The adults can squat on the soft texture of the cloth and chat while the kids may enjoy playing in the park. And if ever anyone gets hungry they can sit down and enjoy a delicious snack under the sun.

Another advantage of having a huge beach blanket is its multi uses, one of which is using it as an overhead cover to people under the extreme heat of the sun especially during noontime at the beach. You can tie the four edges with a straw and brace it around a tree and the whole family can still enjoy the sands even under direct exposure to the sun. The wow towel assures everyone to get shelter from direct heat at the same time avoid getting sunburns. Thus, making the family outing incredibly exhilarating and worthwhile.
What’s more is that these oversized beach towels are not only functional they are also made of quality materials. Beach blanket towels are made from a woven fabric, with clean finished edges to prevent unraveling due to constant use. It is made of terry cotton material which means that the cloth is sewed with loops all over the sides of the fabric or patterned loops on both sides. The loops are formed through a weaving process using an extra yarn making it durable.

Since wow towels are made from terry cotton, it simply means that these products are certainly of good quality, they are long wearing, washable, and does not need ironing. Another useful feature of terry cloth is its highly absorbent quality.

The good news is that these beach blanket wow towel can be obtained with convenience through the internet anytime. Just search the web for competent suppliers and immediately register to place your order. Better yet, browse further on their other fabulous products like the novelty beach towels, elegantly embroidered towels, game towels, and many more. You might find more designs your kids would love to have as well as for the rest of the family.

Mary J. Gibson

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